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I’ve been scanning the contests around the book blogging community lately and I’ve got got a question/rant.  What’s the deal with all the “hoops” you have to jump through to win a contest? Personally, for me it’s kind of a turn off to have to jump through various and assorted hoops to have a shot at winning a book. I can see having different rules if your giving away something like a Nook or some other “large ticket” item(s) but it just seems a little bit extreme for a book(s).

I even touched on this subject a little bit earlier this week in my “What You Will and Won’t See On My Blog in 2010” post.  I’ll admit that I’ve done a giveaway with all the “hoops” once but I found that it wasn’t near as fun for me as the two giveaways that I’ve got going on right now (see Contests/Giveaways page).  I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers or upset anyone with this post…I guess I’m just trying to get a better understanding of how others conduct their giveaways and contests.

So in closing, I guess my random question for everyone is how do you run your giveaways/contests and why?  I guess that’s more like 2 questions but I really am curious.

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14 Responses to “Question/Rant”

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I don’t understand that either. I much prefer simple contests. But, apparently some people likes a bit more of a challenge. If I come across complicated contests like that, I weigh how much I want to win the prize. If it is a book I don’t even like, I ignore the contest completely! If the prize is something I really like, then I look at how complicated the “hoops” are. If it is too complicated for me, even if I want the prize, I tend to ignore the contest anyway.

So I don’t think those “hoops” contests will get a lot of entries really.

Thank you for dropping by! I tend to view contests with all the “hoops” like you do. If it’s something I’d really like to have I’ll jump but I’ve found only a few that I’ve been willing to “jump” for and only ended up winning 1.

I don’t mind the contests that have some hoops in them at all. People can run contests however they want.

I tend to do the basic one entry for a comment, then an extra for following or tweeting. If they are willing to bring me traffic, I think they should get an extra entry for doing so.

The current contest I am hosting does have an extra aspect to it, but that is because I am doing a research project and I need to find people to take my survey on books. Of course, I don’t penalize people if they can’t tkae it because they don’t ft in the age range, they can just comment and say they can’t take it and they have a chance for as many entries as everyone else!

I have yet to do a contest on my blog, but I do agree with you to a certain extent. From what I’ve seen people like comments and followers, so if they make their contest entries “one for a comment” or “two for a twitter” or whatever, they get people to read their website, or they at least get their views up. For me, I’ll enter a contest if it’s a book I really want, but I won’t keep my fingers crossed, and I pretty much only leave a comment. 🙂

Found this from the Boob Blogs Ning by the way.

Whoa there, BOOK Blogs Ning… not boob. Whoopsie! Sorry ’bout that. 🙂

haha! I totally understand where you’re coming from. I LOVE books so I jump at pretty much any chance I get to receive a free new book. However, the whole…you MUST be a follower thing…I don’t get. If I follow every blog that has a contest/giveaway that I’d like to enter, I would never see any updates from the blogs I actually visit every day. All I see are all these random posts from blogs that I “had” to follow. Typically, I find myself scanning the blog before entering any contests with those requirements. If I will never visit the blog again because it doesn’t appeal to me, I just forgoe joining the contest.

I understand that the bloggers are really just looking to increase their traffic by adding more followers, but it’s still a tad annoying. Of course, they can do whatever they want.

I’ve never held a contest myself yet, but I’d like to in the future and I can tell you now that I will not be requiring people to “jump through hoops” to enter. Personally, the way you have your contest set up was my favorite. Simple. Fun.

I try to make it easy.
The hardest one I ever posted I posted yesterday and even then I still tried to make it easy.

So now I have a question for you: Do you think I am one of the ones that makes it too tough?

Side note: Sometimes I wonder if I make it too easy and that’s why some people who make it tough have 400+ followers *shrug*

Thanks for opening this question to discussion.

I’ve only had a few contests on my blog so far and I did have opportunities for extra entries. You can simply enter just once by filling out the form with just your name and email or you can do some (or all) of the extra entries; it’s the person’s choice. I like the option to get extra entries when I enter contests. I usually do sidebar links and tweet since they are the easiest things to do. But I have to admit, it’s a lot easier selecting a winner without the extra entries!

I am currently pondering on how to do a contest for hitting and passing 50 followers. I want to keep it simple, but then I see all these other blogs with amazing things for their contests. Truth be told I don’t know how they can keep track of all the extra entries and such. I like it to be easy.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this as well.

This is an interesting post. I have been pondering this issue for a while myself matter of fact and I had a couple of “hoopy” type contests on my blog and I said never again! lol

It was more annoying for me than fun so next one I have which is gonna be soon will just basically be a straight entry form like raise ya hand if ya want it type deal.

I have shied away from even entering many of the hoop contests unless it is a book I just majorly want and then if the blog is not one that kinda coincides with the kinds of books/hobbies/ect that I like I wont enter.

I rarely hold contests. My current one has 8 ways to win. All simple, and the first entry is just to put one wants to win the book with their email. Why so many chances? I like just 1 entry myself. Others who love to enter contests have told me they prefer multiple chances. So, I tried to make mine simple…name/email, follow, tweet…if It involved more works (like tweeting) it was worth more). I am uncertain if this makes sense. I try to not hold contests, but when I do I try to appease both sides. *shrug*

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