Guess What!?

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There are some changes going to be taking place around here! After only a couple days I have gotten some pretty insightful information via my survey. So here is a little bit of what I have gleaned from the results…..

What people liked the most about the blog…..

1. People seemed to like when I was doing my “Beginning, middle and end” reactions.

2. That there’s a LOT of honesty going around.

3. That my layout is pretty clean.

What people liked least…..

1. No header (coming soon…this will change)

2. More information in my reviews.

3. LONGER reviews (I’ll do my best)

What you want to see more of….

1. Teasers

2. Discussion posts!  ( I really do like doing these)

People seemed to really like the discussion posts according to the results I got.

Blogger vs. WordPress ……The winner was Blogger.

Do you like how my contests are run?……

Overall, the answer was YES. 

More guest blogs, author interviews, contests?….

This one was torn down the middle.  Some really liked the idea’s of guest blogs, author interviews and contests and some didn’t.

NOW for the fun part!  Letting you know what the changes are going/or not going to be!

1. I will be going back to my “beginning, middle and end” reactions.

2. I will be trying my hardest to include more in my reviews and make them longer.

3. I will be moving BACK to Blogger…..In all honesty I moved to wordpress soley because of the followers widget.  It was a hasty decision that I have come to regret. Mainly because I like to change up the look of my blog every now and then and I am SERIOUSLY limited here on wordpress.  After doing some sole searching about the direction I want to take my blog and conducting this survey I have come to the conclusion that I will be moving back to Blogger.  Complete with a new make over and a new name!  The Book Junkie’s Bookshelf is the new name…It is up and running but not all the links are correct yet (I’m working on it.)

4. There for sure will be MORE discussion posts. 

5. I will be giving “extra credit” for tweeting and sidebar mention on contests.  Winners will still be drawn randomly.

6. I will keep up with my ecclectic reading tastes.

7. I will try to have more contests.

8. I am going to try and do some author interviews.

9. For those who aren’t so keen on guest blogs, I will try to keep these to a minimum.


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2 Responses to “Guess What!?”

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oh great.I don’t like WordPress at all.Its too dull..! On my way to check your new blog 🙂

1. This was cool!
2. So your moving back? Should I rush over and follow you there instead?

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