Born of Night review

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Born of Night
Sherrilyn Kenyon
539 pages
Rating: DNF

Source: Public Library

Challenges: Support Your Public Library Challenge

Synopsis: from Barnes and Noble

Awakened from a drugged sleep in a cold cell, the Princess Kiara finds herself a prisoner of the merciless marauders who threaten her father’s planetary kingdom. Miraculously, a rescuer appears, but behind his fearsome mask is the handsome face of a dark avenger whose outlaw touch sets her very soul aflame.

Review:  I had read all over the internet that this series was supposed to be really good.  I am totally LOVING the Dark Hunter series so I thought I’d give this one a try and I was NOT happy.  I tried several times to get into this book and it just was NOT happening for me.  I guess what frustrates me the most is that I waited MONTHS for my number to come up in the library system and I wasn’t able to get into the book.

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Beautiful Creatures Review MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

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I am going to try and keep this review short and sweet and try not to give away too much.  I’ve read so many great things about this book all over the book blogging community and when I finally got my hands on a copy of it I was definately more than happy with the book.  I LOVED the book.  I LOVED that it kept me guessing (will Lena turn Dark or not? what happens next in the “visions”). I even LOVED the length (I generally don’t care for 500+ page books)!  I LOVED the characters (I especially loved the part on Halloween when Lena get’s even with the cheerleaders)….Ethan is just your “normal” 16 year old high school student, who happens to be having these weird dreams about a girl he’s never even met before…..and Lena….Lena has her own issues.  She is so far from “normal” that it actually rocks Ethan’s world.  All the characters are pretty likeable for the most part. I’ve never read a book that’s been classified as Southern Goth before and I am beyond happy with the results.  Overall, I just LOVED the book.  If you haven’t read it I highly recommend getting a copy.

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Blog With Bite Ballad Review **May Contain Spoilers**

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Maggie Stiefvater
Synopsis – 9/10
Plot – 9/10
Characters – 10/10
Overall Story – 8/10
Conclusion – 9/10
Overall Score – 45/50
Synopsis: Remember us, so sing the dead, lest we remember you
James Morgan has an almost unearthly gift for music. And it has attracted Nuala, a soul-snatching faerie muse who fosters and then feeds on the creative energies of exceptional humans until they die. James has plenty of reasons to fear the faeries, but as he and Nuala collaborate on an achingly beautiful musical composition, James finds his feelings towards Nuala deepening. But the rest of the fairies are not as harmless. As Halloween—the day of the dead—draws near, James will have to battle the Faerie Queen and the horned king of the dead to save Nuala’s life and his soul.
Review: In the beginning of the book I was totally confused….The characters kept talking about events that took place “last summer” which I took to mean “the last book, Lament” which I did NOT read before I started Ballad (bad me!). The book starts off telling us – the readers – a little bit about the Leanan Sidhe and then about the death of a Leanan Sidhe. Then we meet Dee, who we “hear” from in the book mostly in the form of text messages to James. James and Dee are new students at a prestigeous music high school called Thornking-Ash. James plays the bagpipe and is kind of a smart ass (which is an unusual instrument, but if you’ve ever heard it belt out Amazing Grace your hooked) and Dee plays the harp. James’ roomate in the dorms is Paul who is a talented Oboe player but in my opinion a little bit too straightlaced for my liking in the beginning of the book.
The first week of school is just like any other school….learning the ground rules, learning your way around….all that fun stuff. Then week two starts and James and Paul are assigned to read Hamlet in Mr. Sullivan’s first hour English class AND James is hearing and seeing the Antler King (king of the dead)…which means that there are fey around. Seems that there is a cloverhand (calls to the fey) at the school. Then to top is off James is sent to take private piping lessons from a piper who is nowhere near as good as James. Upon leaving his disasterous lesson James meets Nuala who is a Leanan Sidhe. In the beginning Nuala wants to make a “deal” with James but James refuses. But Nuala doesn’t give up….Nuala has never not gotten what (read: who) she wanted, so she decides that she is going to send him a dream that will just make him want to take the “deal.” The day after James’ disasterous piping lesson he is informed by Sullivan that he will either have to learn the guitar or the piano instead to meet his musical requirements.
I didn’t really like Dee….She seemed really weak and whiney….Not to mention more than a little bit of a “user”…..Nobody likes to be used, especially James. This is the point where is feelings start to shift in regards to the ladies in his life….In the beginning all he wanted was Dee and he wanted nothing to do at all with Nuala….now it’s starting to shift the other way. Nuala takes James one night to a movie where they get to talking about things and end up sitting down and writing the play Ballad. Upon the completion of reading Hamlet Sullivan assigns a 10 page essay on Metaphor to his students. James and Paul are so NOT happy about the assignment that it leads to one of my favorite scenes in the book…Paul getting “drunk.” This is where James tells Paul about Ballad and we learn that James and Dee aren’t the only ones who are dealing with the paranormal.
The further into the book I got the more I learned and liked Nuala. In the beginning I thought she was going to be some soul sucking leech but she really isn’t like that. Come to find out she’s part human and every 16 years on Halloween she must burn in order to continue to live. But the kicker is that once she comes back she has no memories. Also, the further into the book I got the less I liked the “relationship” between James and Dee….Very UNhealthy. You also learn who the cloverhand is and what James and Nuala have to do while she is burning to make there dreams come true. Also, Thornking-Ash isn’t just any ordinary prestigous music school either. Oh and all the “dirty deeds done dirt cheap” whichs ends up with a new King of the Dead being crowned. Oh, and Ballad? Ballad ends up being AWESOME!
Overall, I was really happy with the book. Next time though….I will start with the first book in the series so things make sense in the second book!
BWB Scale – 3/4
*****Blog With Bite Discussion Questions*****
1. James is a flawed and heart broken character, do you find his mental peculiarities charming or annoying? Please do explain.
I find them a little bit of both. Nobody likes to be used and I feel that in a sense Dee was using James.
2. What did you think of James and Dee’s kiss? This being a pivotal moment for their relationship, how do you think it changed James?
I agree that the kiss was a pivotal point in the story but I also think with that kiss James finally realized that things with Dee were never going to be the way he wanted them to be.
3. Whom do you prefer Dee or Nuala?
Nuala hands down. Dee was a little bit tooo weak and whiney for my taste.
4. What’s your verdict on the best way to read Ballad? Is it a stand alone book or do you need to read Lament first? If you read Lament, what did it add/not add to Ballad? If you haven’t read Lament, do you think it would have added to your reading of Ballad?
In my opinion I think you need to read Lament first. I was sort of confused by some of the conversations that were taking place because they kept talking about events that happened “last summer” which I took to mean “last book.”
5. We’ve been reading a lot of stories with fairies as the central paranormal creatures. What are your thoughts on the “Fair Folk”. Do you believe in faires?
From what I’ve been reading in the books for the group fairies aren’t necessarily nice creatures….so I’m not real sure how I feel about them. Do I believe in faires?….I’m not sure to be honest.
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Dark Side of the Moon Review

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Dark Side of the Moon (Dark Hunter novel #11)
Sherrilyn Kenyon

Synopsis – 9/10
Plot – 7/10
Characters – 9/10
Overall Story – 8/10
Conclusion – 7/10

Overall Score – 40/50

*Optional*Smuttiness – 8/10

Synopsis: Susan Michaels was the hottest reporter on the Beltway Beat until she walked into a setup that ruined her reputation. Now she’s working for a small Seattle paper, penning stories about killer moths and alien babies, convinced that her life couldn’t get any worse…
That was before an idea for a breaking news piece brought her to a local animal shelter where she ends up listening to her source rant about vampires and gets coerced into adopting a cat despite her allergies. But when her new pet suddenly reveals himself to be a gorgeous—and lethal—shapeshifter, Susan realizes that there’s far more at stake than a career-saving by-line.
Born into a world of predators, Were-Hunter Ravyn Kontis was betrayed by those he loved best. Soulless, pitiless, he has spent three hundred years battling the Daimons who seek to subjugate humankind. Against all odds, Susan evokes in Ravyn feelings of tenderness. Desire. Love. And with the ultimate battle about to begin, this one very human woman holds the power to shatter both their worlds…

Review: This is the first book that I’ve ever read by this author. I liked it but I didn’t really LOVE it. Ravyn and Susan are both characters that are dealing with some extra “baggage” shall we say. Susan is this reporter who always get’s her story (which has cost her dearly) but at the same time has a pretty quirky sense of humor (which you see a lot in the book) and Ravyn he’s pretty much a no-nonsense kind of guy who doesn’t particularly care to be around humans at all because they have cost him dearly. Well now that the Daimons (with the help of some humans) are trying to kill both Susan AND Ravyn they are kind of stuck with one another. The more time they spend together the more that we the readers learn about these two character’s pasts…Not a pretty picture. There is even a little twist thrown in for good measure too. If you like a little Death, Destruction and Mayhem with some smutt thrown in this is a good book to check out.

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A Cover Alert! Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

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I found the image for the cover of the next Black Dagger Brotherhood novel on Lovin’ Me Some Romance. I can HARDLY WAIT until April!

Synopsis: In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other – vampire warriors, defenders of their race…John Matthew has been through his vampire transition and taken to the life of the Brotherhood with a vengeance, but he still can’t shake the nightmare of his past and is unsure of his future as a warrior hero. He’s made a promise to honour the Brotherhood and their fight with the slayers at all costs, until the love of his life is kidnapped and he is forced to make a choice that could change his life and the Brotherhood’s forever…

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Shiver Review

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Maggie Stiefvater
390 pages
Synopsis – 9/10
Plot – 9/10
Characters -10/10
Overall Story – 9/10
Conclusion – 9/10
Overall – 46/50
Synopsis: For years, Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her house. One yellow-eyed wolf–her wolf–is a chilling presence she can’t seem to live without. Meanwhile, Sam has lived two lives: In winter, the frozen woods, the protection of the pack, and the silent company of a fearless girl. In summer, a few precious months of being human . . . until the cold makes him shift back again.
Now, Grace meets a yellow-eyed boy whose familiarity takes her breath away. It’s her wolf. It has to be. But as winter nears, Sam must fight to stay human–or risk losing himself, and Grace, forever.
Review: It took me a little longer than I would have liked to get this book read (dang real life!) but I throughly enjoyed it. This is a good old fashion young love story…of course with a twist. There ALWAYS is a twist! See when Grace was younger she was attacked by wolves, then there was the wolf with yellow eyes that saved her. Now Grace is in love with those eyes and that wolf…which strangely enough she only sees in the winter months. It turns out that Grace has seen those eyes before…In there human form.
Those yellow eyes and wolf body belong to Sam. After an incident human Sam finds his way to Grace’s house where things start to fall into place for Grace. She knows those eyes…They belong to her wolf. This wounded boy IS her wolf.
From the “chance” meeting there are ups and downs for Grace and Sam. There is also a little bit of drama thrown in to keep the story from becoming a “sappy” love story. Overall, I really love how Maggie draws you in with her writing style. I giggled a bunch and there were a couple “chance for tears” moments. LOVED IT! Can hardly wait until July to read book 2 of the series…Linger.
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Linger Cover and first paragraphs!

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• grace •

This is the story of a boy who used to be a wolf and a girl who was becoming one.
Just a few months ago, it was Sam who was the mythical creature. His was the disease we couldn’t cure. His was the good-bye that meant the most. He had the body that was a mystery, too strange and wonderful and terrifying to comprehend.

But now it is spring. With the heat, the remaining wolves will soon be falling out of their wolf pelts and back into their human bodies. Sam stays Sam, and Cole stays Cole, and it’s only me who’s not firmly in my own skin.

I don’t know about anyone else out there but I am totally excited for the second book in this series. I totally enjoyed Shiver and I can hardly wait to see what happens next. Linger is due out on shelves July 20 2010.

I found all this information on A BookLover’s Diary who found it at The World According to Maggie.

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Blog with Bite – Intertwined Review

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Gina Showalter
440 pages

Synopsis – 8/10
Plot – 9/10
Characters – 10/10
Overall Story – 9/10
Conclusion – 6/10

*Overall Score – 42/50

Synopsis: Most sixteen-year-olds have friends. Aden Stone has four human souls living inside him:

One can time-travel.
One can raise the dead.
One can tell the future.
And one can possess another human.

With no other family and a life spent in and out of institutions, Aden and the souls have become friends. But now, they’re causing him all kinds of trouble.

Like, he’ll blink and suddenly he’s a younger Aden, reliving the past. One wrong move, and he’ll change the future. Or, he’ll walk past a total stranger and know how and when she’s going to die.

He’s so over it. All he wants is peace.

And then he meets a girl who quiets the voices. Well, for as long as he’s with her. Why? Mary Ann Gray is his total opposite. He’s a loner; she has friends. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks; she tries to make everyone happy. And while he attracts the paranormal, she repels it. For her sake, he should stay away. But it’s too late. . .

Somehow, they share an inexplicable bond of friendship. A bond about to be tested by a werewolf shape-shifter who wants Mary Ann for his own and a vampire princess Aden can’t resist. Two romances, both forbidden… doomed. Still, the four will enter a dark underworld of intrigue and danger… but not everyone will come out alive…

I had heard a little bit about this book on a couple of different blogs and forums before I stumbled upon Blog with Bite. At first I was a little iffy on reading it because it’s not something that I would normally read….Honestly I’m a big ole sap for a sappy love story. But I’m really glad that I decided to read this book. The first chapter was a little creepy in my opinion but that’s exactly what it is…my opinion. The main character Aden Stone is viewed by society as a “troubled” teen but in actuality he is possessed by 4 souls…LOVE the souls…There’s just something about them I just really liked. Aden wants to go public high school so that he can spend more time with Mary Ann…who has a couple “issues” of her own. Heck there is even a little forbidden romance thrown in for both Aden and Mary Ann. I don’t want to say too much more because I don’t want to give away anything. I really only had two gripes with the book….Just a tad bit too many paranormal characters make an apperance in the book and the rushed ending. Overall, I’m SUPER happy with the book and I’m glad that I decided to purchase a copy instead of wait for a copy from my library.

Discussion Questions:

#1 Do you feel the ending was cut short and needed more to be resolved before the book ended? I feel that the ending was pretty rushed…It wasn’t the worst ending in the world but I wasn’t particularly happy with it.

#2 Regarding Question #1, what are your thoughts on series books? For one you get more and more and more – depending on how long the series drags on – for another some series leave you with very little resolution at the end of the novels, i.e. the Merry Gentry series where only a couple of hours pass within the time span of one book. Do you find this is just an authors way of having guaranteed book sales – or do you really enjoy series and love reading about your fav characters over and over again? There are some series I feel that have been written just to get the books sold…Others I have enjoyed immensly…Overall I LOVE a GOOD series and enjoy reading about my favorite characters over and over again.

#3 Which “trapped” soul was your favorite and do you see potential in the future story lines with the remaining three? I liked Eve a lot….I felt that sometimes she was the “voice of reason” for Aden.

#4 When a larger-than-life character such as Vlad Tepes aka Dracula is used as a side-plot character do you believe it gives the story a more factual base, or makes it less real? I liked that Gena used actual characters in the story…I think it made the story more “real” for me personally.

#5 What did you think of the side plot involving Tucker and Penny? Do you think the issues from that plot were adequately resolved? Honestly, I didn’t care for Tucker or Penny.

#6 What is your best guess as to what Aden Stone’s superpower is – the power he possess without his souls? I think he’s kind of got the “Jack of all trades” superpower…But that’s just me.

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